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1. The Contest organized and sponsored by TopBand DX Club, Russian Contest Club and "Radio" Magazine.

2. Contest Period, Bands and Modes
18.00 UTC to 22.00 UTC, December 16th, 2022
- BAND: 1.8 MHz

3. Entry Categories:
• SO-CW – HP
• SO-CW – LP
• MOST - (MIX)

Results are scored separately by categories in EU Russia, AS Russia and the World.

4. General Terms
4.1 TXs and RXs shall be located within a circle area of 500 m in diameter. All antennas shall be physically connected to TXs/RXs in use by entrant(s)
4.1.1 It is allowed to use only open DX networks in the Contest.
4.1.2 Use of any IP networks for distant reception and/or transmission, including WEB stations, is prohibited.
4.2 There are no mode change limits. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given time of the contest.
4.3 No 10-Minute Rule is established. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given time of the contest.
4.4 All MIX category entrants are allowed to contact one and the same station both in CW and SSB.

5. Contest Exchanges
5.1 Foreign hams send RS(T)+ QSO serial number starting with 001.
5.2 Russian stations send RS(T) + Oblast ID, a two-letter Oblast (Kraj, Republic) abbreviation they are operating from.

6. Points Scoring
6.1 Russian stations:
• QSO with Russian station (within the same continent) scores 2 points
• QSO with Russian station from another continent scores 5 points
• QSO with another entity in the same continent scores 3 points
• QSO with another continent scores 5 points

6.2 Non-Russian stations:
• QSO with Russian station scores 10 points (regardless of continent)
• QSO with own entity scores 2 points
• QSO with another entity within own continent scores 3 points
• QSO with another continents scores 5 points.

6.3 All SSB QSOs points are multiplied by 2.
6.4 Kaliningrad (UA2) is a separate DXCC entity and a separate Oblast ID = KA, but QSO points with Kaliningrad are counted as for EU Russia.

7. Dupes
7.1 Dupes are QSOs made in the same mode. Dupes count 0 points, if the first QSO was confirmed. If it is not so, a dupe will be scored.

7.2 Dupes are not penaltied, there is no need to mark dupes in some or another way in your logs. Entrants are strongly suggested not to remove dupes from the log.

8. Multipliers
Multiplier is number of entities worked (see DXCC + WAE list), plus Russian Oblasts number. Separate Russian oblasts are Franz Joseph (R1FJ) and Russian stations in Antarctica.

For all entrants CW and SSB mults are counted separately and then summarize.

9. Final score
Final result is total QSO points multiplied by total multipliers number.

10. Log General Requirements
10.1 Logs shall be in Cabrillo format only.

10.2 Log file shall be named as YOURCALL.log or YOURCALL.cbr. Example: UA4AA.log.

10.3 Log shall uploaded at 
http://ua9qcq.com/contests/robot.php , or it shall be sent as attachment to: rus160contest@topband.ru

10.4 Subject line shall be your call.

10.5 Time shall be in UTC.

10.6 Sent and received exchanges for all contacts are mandatory.

10.7 Log headlines shall indicate your entry category and complete post address to mail awards and trophies.

10.8 It is not recommended to delete dupes from you
к log.

11. Logs Deadline
Logs shall be sent within 15 days after the Contest completion (till January 01, 2023, inclusive).

12. Awards and Trophies
12.1Special plaques from sponsors are awarded to participants who took 1st place in various subgroups (if there is a sponsor in the subgroup). The remaining prize-winners for 2-3 places in various subgroups are awarded with memorable electronic diplomas, which can be downloaded on the website.

12.2 All participants (except CHECKLOG) are awarded with commemorative certificates in electronic form, provided that they have at least 50 connections confirmed. Certificates can be downloaded on the website.

13. Information Support
13.1 Each entrant sent his/her log will receive his personal applied and confirmed scores, UBN List, and confirmed Russian Oblast list (as per Russia Award Program)

13.2 The contest scoring is completely software based.

14. Decisions of Contest Committee are final.

Contest sponsors invite all Russian and foreign hams to participate the 40th RUSSIAN 160 METER DX CONTES - RU3AX MEMORIAL.